Manhole explodes – level 3

25-02-2015 07:00

This is the moment an exploding manhole cover hits children after a boy threw a lit firecracker into a sewer, triggering the blast.

The surveillance footage in Xianyang City shows the boy, who was accompanied by several children, toss a lit firecracker into the manhole.

Seconds later, the group was hit, whilst another nearby manhole cover was also blown up.

One boy fell into the hole with two hands clinging to the edge and almost dropped down.

As the other children struggle to pull him out, a police officer and passersby managed to rescue him.

A member of the city’s Public Security Bureau confirmed that nobody was injured in the incident. Local police have warned that as the Spring Festival draws near, children must only set off fireworks when accompanied by parents.

Difficult words: manhole (a covered hole in the surface of a road), sewer (a passage underground which carries away wastewater), trigger (to start), blast (explosion), surveillance footage (security camera video), accompany (to be together), several (a few), toss (to throw), cling (to hold something very tightly), struggle (to try very hard), bureau (a government department or an office).



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