Many Sides to Winston Churchill – level 3

21-11-2019 15:00

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the UK in WWII, and many people remember him for the way that he helped defend against the Nazi attacks.

However, others remember him for his role in a famine in India when 3 million Indians died. This was when India was a part of the British Empire. People accuse Churchill of diverting millions of tonnes of wheat from Indian ports.

People say that he thought that Indians were less than the British people. He also had negative views towards working people and women.

Nevertheless, many people have positive attitudes towards Churchill. We are allowed to question him because, thanks to him, many of us are not under the rule of a dictatorship and it is his greatest achievement.

Difficult words: famine (when people run out of food and they die), divert (send things away instead of where they should go), dictatorship (a government that does not let its people vote or let them they think or say what they choose; the Nazi government was a dictatorship).

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