Meghan’s First Job – level 3

02-04-2020 07:00

On Thursday, Disney announced that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is the narrator of one of its new documentaries. Meghan narrated a documentary benefiting Elephants Without Borders, a conservation group that she worked with in the past.

This is Meghan’s first post-royal job since she and her husband, Prince Harry, finished their royal duties in early March. ‘Elephant’ is a movie about an elephant family trekking 1,000 miles across the Kalahari Desert. Meghan met the movie’s creators when she and Harry were working in Botswana a few years ago. The filmmakers reportedly reached out to Meghan because they knew her passion for the subject and the footage.

‘Elephant’ and another Disneynature documentary called ‘Dolphin Reef’ will debut on Disney Plus on April 3.

Difficult words: narrator (a person who speaks during a film or a TV program, and describes the pictures shown), footage (a film of a particular subject or event), debut (to appear for the first time).

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