Mexico Women Protest – level 3

13-03-2020 07:00

On Monday, Mexican women protested against femicide after several gruesome killings of women.

They protested by staying home from work and school and called their protest “A Day Without Us.” There are twenty-one million women who work in Mexico, so their absence may cost the government $300 million.

However, the government, universities, and some companies backed the protest. It was part of International Women’s Day in Mexico, in which eighty-thousand people protested against violence against women. That protest started peacefully, but fights between police and protesters led to sixty injured people.

In 2019 in Mexico, an average of 10 women a day were killed, and reports tell that 25% of those women died in the home.

Difficult words: femicide (the murder of females – women or girls), gruesome (very violent), back (to support).

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