Michael Jackson Documentary – level 3

15-03-2019 15:00

In the UK, a new documentary aired about singer Michael Jackson called ‘Leaving Neverland’. In the documentary, two men tell their stories about how Jackson sexually abused them when they were children.

In London, Jackson fans went to Channel 4 Studios to protest, and celebrities protested the documentary online.

In response, Jackson’s family said that these people are ‘opportunists’ and ‘liars’. Jackson’s nephew said that the documentary does not add that these men sued Jackson’s estate for millions of dollars in 2016. At that time, they did not win their lawsuit.

He said that the men need the documentary to do well because this year they are appealing the lawsuit. If the documentary helps them win the lawsuit, they win a lot of money.

Difficult words: opportunist (someone who looks for opportunities to get what he or she wants from a situation), estate (all the money and property owned by someone, usually after death), appeal (try to do something again to get the outcome that you want).

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