Migrants in Turkey – level 3

11-03-2020 15:00

Last Friday, Greek police fired tear gas at migrants who were trying to enter the country through its border with Turkey.

Last month, Turkish officials announced that the country will no longer block a migrant route into Europe. As a result of the influx of migrants, both Greece and Bulgaria shut down their borders.

Now, thousands of migrants, some of whom are fleeing Syria, are setting up temporary camps on the Turkish side of the border. Turkey said that it is sending 1,000 police officers to the area to help deal with the push back from Greek border guards.

Since Saturday, Greek guards have driven back nearly 35,000 migrants along the border, and they arrested more than 240 people. Greek officials say that they plan to deport all migrants who entered the country illegally after March 1st.

Difficult words: tear gas (gas that causes irritation to the eyes and it is used by police to control crowds of people), influx (an arrival of large number of people or things), pushback (the action of forcing somebody or something backward).

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