Migrants Travel to the USA – level 3

23-11-2018 15:00

Thousands of migrants recently came together with other migrants on the 2,500-kilometre trip north to the US border from the south of Mexico. Many are running away from poverty, gang violence, and political instability in their countries.

In Mexico, hundreds of migrants got on a cage truck headed northbound. Cage trucks normally transport animals, but now they also transport people who want to go to the US.

One father, Miguel, is travelling with his pregnant wife, Marjorie, and their baby son from Honduras to ‘look for a better future’ because Honduras ‘will always be the same’. In Honduras, they work just to have something to eat and that is only sometimes, adds his wife. Another migrant, Maria Isabel Reyes, said that she was happy that they were making their trip north even if the journey was slow.

Difficult words: poverty (when you are poor and it is hard to get out of the situation of being poor), political instability (when the government in a country keeps changing or its leaders cannot run the country well).

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