Milk from lab – level 1

18-03-2022 15:00

Most people drink cow’s milk. Some people like milk from plants. Such milk comes from plants like nuts or soy.

Nut and cow milk make bad problems on the natural world. Also, farmers keep many animals in little space. Many people don’t like these problems. They don’t drink cow’s or nut milk.

Scientists make a new milk. It has real milk protein. Cows do not make it.

Scientists make it in special containers. They use genetically modified organisms. These organisms make the protein. This milk tastes the same as cow’s milk. It is better for the natural world and the cows.

Difficult words: soy (a plant which farm animals and people eat; people often eat soy or soy products instead of meat), protein (a part of all living things, which makes muscles, hair, and so on), genetically modified organism (when scientists in the laboratory change information in a plant or animal).

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