Morales Cannot Get to Senate – level 3

27-02-2020 07:00

Evo Morales, the former president of Bolivia, is not allowed to run in the general election for a seat in the country´s senate. Bolivia´s Supreme Electoral Tribunal rejected Morales´ candidacy on Thursday because he is not Bolivia´s resident.

Morales is living in Argentina where the government gave him asylum. In November last year, Morales stepped down as Bolivia´s president. One month before, he won the fourth term in office; however, some politicians said that Morales manipulated the vote. After he fled to Argentina, Bolivian authorities accused him of sedition and terrorism.

Morales said that the tribunal´s decision is an attack on democracy.

Difficult words: Supreme Electoral Tribunal (the highest authority that decides about elections), candidacy (the position of a person who wants to be elected), sedition (when a person tries to persuade other people to oppose their government, sometimes by using violence).

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