Movie Producer in Prison – level 3

24-03-2020 07:00

Former Hollywood movie producer, Harvey Weinstein, has been sentenced to 23 years in prison.  Last month, he was convicted of criminal sexual acts and rape.

His trial focused on the testimonies of two women who Weinstein assaulted in 2006 and 2013.

Weinstein has been moved from New York to a maximum-security prison near Buffalo, and it is not clear how long he will stay there. During his stay, authorities will determine which state prison meets his security, medical, mental health, and other requirements. Weinstein’s spokesperson said that the decision to move him to the maximum-security facility was harsh, and that Weinstein’s legal team will file an appeal in the coming months.

Difficult words: testimony (a formal statement made by a witness when he says that something is true), assault (to attack someone violently), file an appeal (to ask a higher court to look again at a decision made by a court).

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