NASA Makes Ventilator – level 3

01-05-2020 15:00

NASA has developed and successfully tested a new high-pressure ventilator tailored to COVID-19 patients. The agency said that the ventilator can be built faster, and it can be maintained more easily than a traditional ventilator.

It took NASA only 37 days to build it, and fewer parts were needed. NASA said that parts are available in existing supply chains and that the ventilator can be modified for high-capacity field hospitals around the world.

The ventilator is only intended to last three to four months. It is made specifically for COVID-19 patients who do not require more advanced ventilators.

Michael Watkins, the director of NASA’s laboratory in California, said that their staff felt that it was their duty to use their engineering and energy and to support the medical community.

Difficult words: tailored (made or adapted for a specific purpose), maintained (kept in operation or good condition), modified (changed).

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