New Cancer Treatment – level 3

01-02-2019 15:00

Fifteen-year-old Mason Ketly has a rare brain tumour that doctors found three months ago, and now he is going to receive pioneering cancer treatment at the UK’s first proton beam treatment centre.

The proton beam can remove only the tumour and avoid damaging other parts of the brain.

The new centre will help 750 people every year, and people plan to open a second one in London next year.

Mason said that the machines were ‘beautiful-looking’ and ‘futuristic’, and he thinks that they will help him ‘really well’. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up.

In 2014, the treatment centre was in the news when Ashya King’s parents took him out of a different hospital to take him out of the country to find a hospital that also had proton beam therapy.

Difficult words: tumour (a mass of cells in your body that can become cancer), pioneering (innovative, very new), proton beam (a stream of tiny things called protons that have energy inside them).

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