New Delhi Smog – level 3

11-11-2019 07:00

India’s capital, New Delhi, is considered one of the world’s 10 most polluted cities and at this time, there is an emergency due to thick smog.

The smog has reached dangerous levels which is usual for this time of year because farmers burn their leftover crops at this time.

Also at this time, people celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. During the festival, they set off many fireworks. However, the government bans both practices in India.

Smog can cause breathing problems, high blood pressure, or a heart attack. New Delhi’s chief minister says that public health is at risk. Officials are trying to reduce the number of cars on the road. They have also closed schools, and they asked people to stay at home.

Difficult words: polluted (dirty), smog (very dirty air because of smoke), leftover (something that is not used or consumed).

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