New Materials from Larvae – level 1

26-03-2021 07:00

A larva is a young insect without wings and legs. Later it becomes a fly, butterfly, or other insect.

People make many things from larvae. Some companies make pet food. Larvae can also be fertilizer. Farmers put fertilizer in the ground. Plants grow better with fertilizer.

An insect farm is in Singapore. They make new materials from larvae. They make materials for medicine and electronics.

One material is called chitosan. People use it in medicine. It helps reduce pain. Another material is melanin. People use it in batteries and wires.

People can get melanin only from squid in the past. It is not easy. People need a lot of chemicals for it. It is bad for the natural world. Melanin from larvae is easier and better for the natural world.

Difficult words: electronics (things which need electricity), reduce (to go down), wire (a long thin metal through which electricity can go), squid (a sea animal with many arms around its mouth).

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