New Mexico–USA Deal – level 3

14-06-2019 07:00

On May 30, President Trump said that he would put growing tariffs on Mexico’s imports if Mexico did not slow down the illegal immigration happening between the two countries.

The threat of tariffs worried people in both countries. Last year, the US imported $378 billion of items from Mexico.

Last week, the US and Mexico made a deal to stop President Trump’s threat to put tariffs on Mexico’s imports. After several days of negotiating, President Trump tweeted that the tariffs would be ‘indefinitely suspended’. As part of the deal, Mexico will increase its use of its National Guard to stop illegal immigration by adding 6,000 troops to its border. The US will continue to run its illegal immigration programmes at its border.

In 90 days, the two countries will meet again to see if the deal is working well.

Difficult words: tariff (a tax on sending items to another country), indefinitely (for a time without a fixed limit), suspend (stop).

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