North Korea And Coronavirus – level 3

12-06-2020 15:00

The supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has made an unusually small number of appearances in recent months.

Last week, Kim led a meeting of the country’s ruling Worker’s Party. In a rare video appearance, Kim seemed to be socially distancing from the other members of the meeting; however, no one who was sitting at the large table was wearing a face mask.

Officials had gathered to discuss the economy and living conditions; however, the state media report that the meeting made no mention of the coronavirus pandemic. North Korean authorities insist that the country has no confirmed cases of COVID-19, despite the fact that intelligence sources from neighboring South Korea say that an outbreak in North Korea cannot be ruled out.

Difficult words: supreme (having the highest rank or authority), socially distance (to keep away from other people), outbreak (a sudden start to something such as a sickness), rule out (to consider something to be less possible).

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