Northern Ireland’s Changes – level 3

25-10-2019 15:00

In Northern Ireland, the UK Parliament will soon legalize same-sex marriage and abortion. Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK that does not allow same-sex marriage, and it has the most abortion rules.

After Tuesday, people will stop investigating women who sought abortions. On Valentine’s Day 2020, same-sex couples will be allowed to be married. These changes are part of a bill that keeps Northern Ireland running without a government—since 2017, it has had no government.

The bill would start on Monday at midnight if Northern Ireland could not restart its government. Some politicians met on Monday to stop the changes, but they were unable to elect a new speaker for their government.

Difficult words: sought (past tense of “search”), bill (a set of laws that politicians pass on what people can or cannot do), speaker (the leader of a group of politicians in government).

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