Notre Dame Still Stands – level 3

23-04-2019 07:00

In France, the Notre Dame Cathedral caught on fire earlier this week from an accident, according to investigations.

The inferno came down the Cathedral’s spire and burned through the ceiling. However, all is not lost, as the building’s structure and the two front towers still stand.

A French official said that 15 or 30 more minutes of the fire could have changed all of this.

An official directed firefighters to save much of the smaller and important pieces of art, including Christ’s crown and Saint Louis’ tunic. Those pieces of art are now in the Louvre.

People will remove the larger pieces of art when the building is more stable. The art has smoke damage, but people can repair and restore the works.

Difficult words: inferno (a large fire), spire (a twisted tower that is usually on a church), tunic (a simple, long white ‘shirt’).

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