Nuclear fusion – level 1

07-03-2024 15:00

An atom is the smallest thing that science can find. The nucleus is center of the atom. More than one nucleus are nuclei. Nuclear fission is a scientific process. Two atoms’s nuclei hit each other. This crash makes a lot of power.

People can make nuclear fission. The process happens in nuclear power plants. People make electricity.

Nuclear fusion is another process. A heavy atom’s nucleus splits during nuclear fusion. It makes a lot of power, too.

Nuclear fusion happens in every star in the universe. For many years, scientists try to make nuclear fusion. They want to succeed. Their work will make limitless energy for the world. This energy will also be clean.

The work is not easy to make nuclear fusion. Many universities and organizations in all the world are working on it. Scientists can make the fusion. Sadly, they can’t start the fusion. They need a lot of power.

Difficult words: split (to break into parts), succeed (to do or reach something that you want after a long time), limitless (without end).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

What are the potential benefits of successfully achieving nuclear fusion?


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