Nuclear fusion – level 2

07-03-2024 15:00

Nuclear fission is a process when two or more atomic nuclei hit each other, and it creates a lot of energy. People use this energy to power nuclear power plants around the world.

Nuclear fusion is a process when a heavy atomic nucleus splits. It creates a lot of energy, too. Nuclear fusion happens in all stars in the universe, and it has always fascinated scientists. For many years, they tried to create nuclear fusion. The creation would make limitless and clean energy for people.

Nuclear fusion is difficult to create. Many universities and governments tried to successfully do it.

Scientists now know how to make fusion, but they cannot start the fusion reaction yet. To start it would be like making a star on Earth.

Difficult words: atomic nucleus (the positively charged central part of an atom, the tiniest piece of things), fascinate (to be extremely interesting for someone), limitless (without end).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

What challenges do scientists face in trying to start a fusion reaction and how do they plan to overcome them?


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