Nuclear fusion – level 3

07-03-2024 15:00

Nuclear fusion has captivated scientists for decades. The process could provide virtually unlimited energy on earth; however, it’s proven very challenging for scientists.

Dozens of universities and governments are racing to produce a limitless energy source with no carbon emissions. Nuclear fusion is very different from nuclear fission, so scientists don’t need to wear radioactive protection. Unlike nuclear fission that powers hundreds of power plants around the world, nuclear fusion isn’t commercially available.

The process exists in all the stars in all the galaxies in the universe, and the challenge for scientists is to create a star on Earth. Despite billions of dollars of funding and decades of research into fusion, no experiment ever produced a sustained fusion burn. Scientists can make fusion reactions; however, they can’t produce more energy output from them than they require to start the fusion.

Difficult words: nuclear fusion (a nuclear reaction in which two or more atomic particles collide, and they release a lot of energy), nuclear fission (a nuclear reaction in which a heavy atomic particle splits, and it releases a lot of energy), sustained (continue for a long time).

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What is the main challenge that scientists face in creating a limitless energy source through nuclear fusion?


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