Oldest Men in Britain – level 3

12-04-2018 07:00

In Britain, Alf Smith turns 110 years old and calls another man named Bob Weighton, who has also just turned 110 years old. They have never met but they share the record for the oldest living men in Britain.

Alf is celebrating his birthday at home in Perth, Scotland, and he told a secret to his long life: eating porridge every day! During his life as a farmer, Alf saw many changes happen in Scotland and in Canada.

In Hampshire in southern England, Bob Weighton also spoke about his long life, saying that it was not his ambition to live so long but that life was interesting, his friends were lovely, and he just expected it to keep going on. He has been too busy enjoying life to see that he was clocking up the years!

Difficult words: porridge (a thick cereal similar to oatmeal that people usually eat for breakfast), clock up (add onto).

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