Penguins on a Trip – level 3

23-03-2020 15:00

A pair of rockhopper penguins took a walk in a closed aquarium in Chicago, after the building closed its door to the public due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The penguins, Annie and Edward, roamed free and explored life on the other side of the glass.

Caretakers at the aquarium decided to treat a few of the facility’s most curious inhabitants to a trip, and they allowed them to explore the place and express their natural behavior. The senior director of animal behavior and training said that this was a part of animal welfare.

Such trips are common for other animals at the aquarium, too; however, the caretakers had more time to document the penguins now that the aquarium was temporarily closed.

The aquarium got flooded with praise and requests to livestream penguins and other animals wandering around the facility.

Difficult words: roam (to wander), curious (keen to know and learn about the things around), welfare (somebody’s health, comfort and happiness).

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