People trash many clothes – level 2

04-04-2024 15:00

Every day, people throw away millions of pieces of clothing. Once they throw them away, they don’t usually think what happens to them. Many clothes from North America, Europe, or Australia go to countries like Ghana or India.

In Ghana, people recycle them; they call them dead White people’s clothes. The amount of clothes is so big that they can’t recycle them all. Around 40% become waste, and they end up in rivers and in the sea. In India, some old clothing become car insulation, mattresses, or cleaning cloths. Even these products become waste one day.

Clothing companies want to make a lot of money, and so they make too many clothes which don’t last very long. The work is called fast fashion. People throw clothes away quickly because they want to buy new ones.

Difficult words: recycle (to change unwanted materials into new things), waste (things and materials which people throw away when they don’t want them anymore), insulation (a material or process which holds or stops heat, sound, or electricity).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

What environmental impacts do you think the fast fashion industry and the disposal of clothing have on countries like Ghana and India?


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