Pesticide Ban – level 3

16-10-2019 07:00

California will ban the sale of a pesticide called chlorpyrifos because it is linked to brain damage in children.

Farmers use the pesticide in numerous crops such as alfalfa, cotton, grapes, and walnuts. In 2018, people designated it as toxic. According to state regulators, it is more harmful than they previously believed.

The California Environmental Protection agency reached a deal with the pesticide’s manufacturer. It announced that the sale of the pesticide will end in February 2020. Farmers can use up all their supplies until the end of 2020. The deal will set aside more than 5 million dollars to help manufacturers develop a safer alternative.

California Governor Gavin Newsom welcomed the deal. He said that it is a victory for children, workers, and public health in California.

Difficult words: designate (classify), supply (an amount of something available for use), set aside (keep money to use it later for a specific purpose).

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