Pictures of Pluto – level 3

25-07-2022 15:00

An animation released on the Internet illustrates the picture quality with which Pluto was photographed over the years.

Starting by a few blurry pixels and ending with a close-up high-res view, the animation shows just how far human understanding of the dwarf planet has come.

Astronomer Clyde William Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930, but details of its origins and makeup eluded scientists ever since. The distant world remained a mystery for decades until recently when the New Horizons probe flew past the icy planet. Today’s technology can see structures smaller than a mile.

Difficult words: blurry (not easy to see), makeup (the stuff that makes something), elude (if something eludes you, you fail to find it), probe (a spacecraft with no people in it).

You can watch the video news lower on this page.

What do you think about this news about Pluto?


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