PlayStation 5 – level 1

18-11-2020 07:00

Sony is a Japanese company. The company has a new product. Sony starts to sell the PlayStation 5 last week. It costs $500.

PlayStation is a gaming console. People use it to play video games. Sony makes the PlayStation 4 in 2013. Sony sells 113 million pieces of the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 changes the world of video games.

Sony hopes that the PlayStation 5 will bring the company a lot of money, too. Many people start to play video games during the coronavirus pandemic.

But the company Microsoft has a new gaming console, too. It is the Xbox. Some people like the Xbox, and some people like the PlayStation. Many people say that the Xbox looks nicer. But the PlayStation has a better controller.

Difficult words: product (something that a company makes and people buy it), gaming console (a device that looks like a box and people use it to play video games), controller (a device with buttons that a player holds in his hands and he plays a video game with it).

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