Police Find Guns – level 3

25-03-2020 07:00

Spanish police have discovered an impressive arsenal of firearms and explosives in a warehouse in Zamora, a town near the border with Portugal.

Various weapons of war were also found in the warehouse, including grenade launchers, rifles, carbines and essential parts for different kinds of weapons. Police units, who specialize in the deactivation of explosive devices, were called out to make the explosives safe.

The investigation, which led to arresting three people, began in September 2019, and it was a part of an international operation against illegal arms trafficking. Arms trafficking is very dangerous because it supports civil wars, leads to high crime rates, and supplies the arsenals of some of the western world’s most dangerous terrorist enemies.

Difficult words: arsenal (a collection of weapons and military equipment), carbine (a short light gun), arms trafficking (an illegal trade with weapons and military equipment).

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