Popular water bottle – level 1

05-07-2024 15:00

People love Stanley cups. But they can be very expensive, mainly the special ones. People can sell them again for up to 300 dollars.

The cups are popular because of good marketing. The company knows what people want. The cups have handles and straws. They are easy to use and trendy. TikTok makes them even more popular, with millions of views.

Stanley starts making cups in 1913, But the company becomes very successful in 2016 with a new cup. This cup has no handle. Now, they make a lot of money. There is a video of a cup which is okay after a car fire. This makes the cup even more popular.

Difficult words: marketing (when a company tries to make a product popular), straw (a thin tube through which you drink from a glass or bottle), trendy (very modern).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

What marketing strategies have contributed to the popularity and success of Stanley cups?


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