Protests in Iraq – level 3

14-10-2019 15:00

Over a week ago, protests started in Iraq’s capital of Baghdad and in other areas. The protests started peacefully, but then they turned violent. Iraqi security forces reacted to the protests and have killed over 100 people. According to Reuters, more than 6,000 people have been hurt already.

Demonstrators are unhappy with government corruption and high unemployment. In addition to these problems, there is a lack of basic services. As a reaction, the government declared a curfew and shut down the Internet. The police and security forces shot at protesters.

Iraq’s human rights commission wants freedom of expression. It is important that Iraqi people can meet in public freely and that demonstrations are without violence.

Difficult words: curfew (when authorities say that people must stay at home at specified hours), human rights commission (a group of people that gives people rights to live as they wish), freedom of expression (the power to say your opinions freely)

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