Protests Over Immigrants – level 3

14-09-2018 07:00

Since 2015, an influx of 1million refugees have come into Germany, which has made some people uneasy.

In Chemitz, Germany, thousands of far-right protesters gathered in response to the alleged killing of a German citizen by Syrian and Iraqi migrants. Many supporters of the party called ‘Alternative for Germany’ wore all black clothing at the ‘mourning march’.

Police had to intervene when the event became violent, and they tried to keep the protesters away from counterdemonstrators. About 2,000 people went to a separate protest in support of foreign sentiment.

Difficult words: influx (when a lot of something comes all at once), far-right (people who are conservative, traditional, and want a country to stay the same), alleged (supposed), intervene (get involved), counter-demonstrator (a protester who protests against something that others protest), foreign sentiment (supporting immigrants).

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