Puerto Rico Help – level 3

22-01-2020 07:00

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD, will release more than $8 bilion dollars in disaster relief aid to Puerto Rico.

The anouncement came at a critical time for the island as Puerto Rico has been rocked by earthquakes in recent days. The country is still recovering from the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.

The US Congress authorized HUD to administer nearly $20 billion to Puerto Rico; however, the country has only received $1.5 billion. In September, HUD missed a legal deadline to issue an official notice on the availability of the funds. HUD said that this was because of political unrest on the island.

A HUD official said that a financial monitoring team is assembled to ensure that the funds will reach those people who need them the most.

Difficult words: relief aid (an official assistance to people affected by a disaster), administer (to control the operation or arrangement of something), unrest (a troubled or uneasy state).

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