Recycling metals – level 1

19-12-2023 15:00

The world is changing how it makes energy. Companies use cleaner stuff instead of dirty fuel. But new technologies mean that companies need new materials.

Nth Cycle is a recycling company. They use a new technology to take out important metals from old phones and cars. These metals are for example cobalt and nickel. They are important for new things which we use every day. Nth Cycle’s technology is greener. It causes less pollution. They also have a smart idea: using small, separate machines instead of big ones. It is good for the planet.

Some people do not like new ideas. They do not want to change things. Nth Cycle wants to help everyone understand why their way is important. Getting metals from old things is a very smart idea.

Difficult words: recycle (to use old things or materials again), pollution (dirty stuff in the air, water or soil), separate (not together).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

Why does Nth Cycle use smaller, separate machines instead of big ones in their recycling process and why is this important for the planet?


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