Runners and Coronavirus – level 3

27-04-2020 15:00

Many people like to run outside, and they may wonder what the risk is that they get COVID-19 if someone runs by them and coughs. Health experts weighed in the risks, and they suggested that the risk is medium.

When people run, they pass by very briefly and that lowers the risk because the air currents take the virus away. However, experts still advise to wear a face mask when people run or walk in an area where they are going to see other people who are not going to be at least 20 feet away. Experts say that people who have a cough should not actually be outside at all.

The UV rays from the sun kill the coronavirus, so sunny weather lowers the risk of catching it. However, it depends on how much exposure the virus gets to the sun before someone breathes it in.

Difficult words: weigh in (to give an opinion about something), UV rays (invisible energy that comes from the sun), exposure (when something is affected by something else).

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