Scientists make nuclear fusion – level 2

19-12-2022 07:00

On Tuesday, US officials announced a breakthrough on fusion energy.

Fusion energy powers the sun and stars. In the process, two light atoms come together to make a heavier one, and this change releases a lot of energy.

Scientists in California, United States, used 192 lasers to make a fusion, and for the first time ever, this work created more energy than the lasers required. If companies can use fusion to make electricity in the future, the situation could help the problems with climate change.

Before this time comes, a lot more research needs to happen, and people should still focus on alternative energy like solar and wind power or nuclear energy.

Difficult words: breakthrough (a sudden, important discovery), atom (the smallest unit of anything), focus (to concentrate on something).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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