Seizures and Vaping – level 3

12-04-2019 15:00

The US Food and Drug Administration is looking into 35 reports of people having seizures after they used e-cigarettes from 2010–2019.

Thirty-five reports is a small number, but an important enough number that the administration wants to look into it. The administration would like people who had these issues to report them on its website.

Young people are in many of the reports, but there are no other obvious patterns. It is unclear if there is a direct link between seizures and vaping, although seizures can come from nicotine poisoning. The administration will also look into other risks of e-cigarettes.

Last month, other federal regulators wanted more rules for selling flavoured e-cigarettes because teenagers are using them so much.

Difficult words: vape (smoke an e-cigarette; slang for vapour), nicotine (an addictive chemical in cigarettes and in some e-cigarettes), regulator (a rule maker).

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