Singer at Court – level 3

23-04-2020 07:00

Grammy-award winner and R&B singer, R. Kelly, is facing 13 charges that include child pornography, child abuse and sex trafficking with five alleged victims.

Kelly is also facing a charge for allegedly paying off and threatening potential witnesses in his infamous 2008 trial. Outside of his hometown of Chicago, Kelly is facing charges in New York and Minnesota.

Kelly’s sex-trafficking trial was scheduled for July 7; however, a New York judge has postponed it until September. Kelly is currently in custody in Chicago, and his lawyer is seeking his release due to coronavirus concerns.

Kelly has been in custody since July 2019. Judges repeatedly turned down requests for release, expressing concerns of witness tampering. The singer has denied all of this.

Difficult words: sex-trafficking (when someone illegally moves people from one country or area to another, and these people give sexual services to customers), custody (when a person is kept by the police and he is waiting to go to court for trial), witness tampering (when someone tries to influence or threaten a witness).

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