Slow iPhones – level 3

06-03-2020 15:00

Over the last few years, people have said that Apple purposely throttled its iPhones to encourage people to buy new devices. iPhone users said that there were performance issues after they installed software updates.

In 2017, Apple admitted that it slowed down older phones so they would not shut down suddenly because of degrading batteries. However, Apple did not tell this to customers. In 2018, Apple said that customers could buy discounted battery replacements. Later, Apple added a feature to the iPhones that lets users choose if they want their devices to slow down as a result of the updates.

In court, Apple agreed to settle to avoid court costs over these issues. Apple may pay $310 million or up to $25 per phone.

Difficult words: throttle (to slow down or speed up), degrade (to break down), settle (to agree to something to avoid further arguments).

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