Smallest Baby – level 3

07-06-19 15:00

A woman was pregnant with her baby at 23 weeks (about 6 months) when she felt very uncomfortable. She thought that it was part of her pregnancy, but it was preeclampsia and her blood pressure was extremely high.

The baby had to be born quickly, and doctors said that the baby girl would not survive. However, she survived past the first hour into six months.

A nurse said that the workers did everything that they could, but it is always up to the babies to be strong outside the womb. The baby’s mother said that the nurses helped her a lot while her baby grew in the hospital.

The mother said that ‘she is the smallest baby, but she’s mine’.

Difficult words: preeclampsia (a serious problem that happens when a pregnant woman’s blood pressure rises very high; it can damage the woman and the baby’s organs), womb (the part of the woman’s body where the baby grows inside).

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