South Korean Movie – level 3

31-01-2020 07:00

The South Korean movie “Parasite” is the top contender for the best international film at the Oscars; which means that it has made history for its country, award category, and the international film industry.

“Parasite” is South Korea’s first-ever nomination at the Oscars, and usually, Western Europe dominates in this category. Italy and France have won the most awards in the international film category, although Poland, Hungary, Iran, Chile, and Mexico have won awards in the last five years.

Both critics and audiences are talking about the movie “Parasite” and it is unusual for so many people to be excited about an international film. A film professor said that it is rare for a film like this to make it mainstream media, but digital platforms have helped more people learn about movies from around the world.

Difficult words: top contender (someone likely to win a competition), dominate (to be the best, to be in control), mainstream media (the news that most people see).

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