Space elevator – level 1

23-02-2023 15:00

People use rockets to get into space. It is not cheap. The rockets are heavy. They need a lot of fuel to lift off. It costs millions of dollars to get to the Moon or Mars.

For a long time, scientists are thinking about a space elevator. The elevator uses the Earth’s gravity. But people don’t have the right materials and technologies to build it. No material is strong enough.

One idea is to use carbon nanotubes. This material looks like tubes. It is many carbon atoms together. Carbon nanotubes are stronger than other materials. But there is a problem. Millions of objects fly in the atmosphere. Even if people build the elevator, these objects will probably damage it.

Difficult words: fuel (materials which people burn and they produce heat or power), gravity (the force which pulls things towards the Earth), technology (machines, devices, and ways of doing things).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

Another idea is to use solar energy. This is energy from the sun. Sun energy can be used to power the elevator. But this idea is also difficult. The elevator must be able to capture the sun’s energy. And the elevator must be big enough to hold all the people and their things.


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