Spacecraft and asteroid crash – level 1

30-09-2022 07:00

People worry that an object from space can hit our planet. Scientists look for ideas to stop such an object. One possible idea is to crash into the object. The object has to be far. Then its path will change. It will not hit Earth.

Last week, NASA does a test. It sends a spacecraft to space.

The spacecraft hits an asteroid. The asteroid is as big as a football stadium. The spacecraft is as big as a fridge. The speed of the spacecraft is 22,500 km/h.

The test is successful. The asteroid changes its path a little. This news is very good. People can do something about real danger.

Difficult words: path (the way how something moves), speed (how fast something is), danger (a situation which is not safe).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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