Spider web music – level 2

28-11-2022 15:00

Scientists studied 3D models of spider webs and they used computers to make unusual sounds.

A computer program checked the density of a web. If the density was higher, the music was more complicated. It was not usual music but a melody which scientists thought that spiders could feel. People cannot hear how spiders communicate because our ears cannot hear signals of this frequency. Scientists hope that one day, they can communicate with spiders.

Spider webs are very strong, and the silk is five times stronger than steel. Scientists believe that in the future, they can use it in construction.

Difficult words: density (the number of things in a place or a thing), melody (a short song), frequency (the size of the waves which a sound makes), silk (a very strong material which some insects make and people use it to make clothes).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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