Starbucks is Delivering to More People – level 3

21-12-18 07:00

Starbucks is having trouble with growth, so it is upping its delivery game as it expands its delivery service with Uber Eats. Starbucks also has deliveries through services like DoorDash, GrubHub, and PostMates.

Additionally, in some cities, customers have had the option to order by delivery for years.

Uber Eats is different in that it is working with Starbucks to make a delivery service called ‘Starbucks Delivers’. It has custom beverages made for delivery with special packaging like spill-proof lids, tamper-proof seals, and insulated containers to keep orders hot or cold.

In China, Starbucks is testing the service, and deliveries there usually take 30 minutes or less. In the US, the service will be similar and people will be able to order from Starbucks Delivers or Uber Eats.

Difficult words: tamper-proof seal (a type of seal which shows that something has not been opened), seal (a thin piece of plastic), insulated (protected to keep the drink hot or cold).

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