Stop School Attacks – level 3

15-11-2019 15:00

The US Secret Service released a thorough report that suggested that many attacks at US schools were preventable. The report examined 41 incidents of school attacks between 2008 and 2017.

The report summarized that most students who performed the attacks were victims of bullying, had disciplinary problems, and communicated their plans ahead of time. The reason for the attack usually was from problems with classmates or inspiration from other school attacks. The report also found that many attacks involved guns, and the attacker used a gun from his or her house or a family member’s house.

However, the Secret Service said that the students who attack schools do not fit certain profiles. The agency said that schools need to identify students who show warning signs and get them help before violence happens.

Difficult words: incident (a memorable good or bad event), disciplinary (relating to discipline or well you work with other people), profile (a description of a person who might do a certain action).

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