Storm in Japan – level 3

18-10-2019 07:00

Typhoon Hagibis is one of the most powerful storms that hit Japan in the last six decades. According to Japanese broadcaster, NHK, it killed at least 49 people and injured more than 200 people.

More than 100,000 rescuers are looking for survivors. The numbers of the dead are expected to rise because the typhoon devastated several parts of the country. More than 230,000 people had to evacuate before the storm hit.

The storm brought torrential rain, landslides, and floods. Reports say that more than 100 rivers overflowed. More than 35 inches of water fell on a city west of Tokyo, which is the country’s new record for the most rainfall in one day.

Japanese Prime Minister, Abe Shinzo, said that officials are working hard to restore power to homes and fix the country’s transportation services.

Difficult words: typhoon (a very strong tropical storm), devastate (damage, destroy completely), torrential rain (extremely heavy rain), restore (repair or return to the previous state or condition).

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