Syrian Camp in Iraq – level 3

07-11-2019 07:00

The US president Donald Trump announced that the US troops will leave northern Syria. There are Turkish, Russian, and Syrian forces who want to move to this area.

For the Syrian Kurds, this is a life-threatening situation and many of them decide to flee from Syria. They want to get to a refugee camp in northern Iraq.

It is very difficult to get to the camp because the Syrian-Iraqi border is closed to refugees. This means that they must get to the camp illegally, and they usually spend all the money that they had. When they arrive, they get a tent and food for several days. However, there is only limited help from organizations which operate in the camp.

Difficult words: life-threatening (dangerous to live in), flee (to run away from a country because of danger), refugee (a person who leaves a country because of war on natural disaster).

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