5 VR Games That Are Great Exercise – level 2

04-02-2024 16:00

Get A Workout While You Play

VR hasn’t quite replaced more traditional gaming mediums with games like Call of Duty that have their own CoD points as many theorists expected. However, there are some great titles available that can only be experienced in VR. Additionally, VR offers a way for gamers to take a hobby that normally requires them to sit still and turn it into a fun way to work out.

VR owners looking to take advantage of these benefits might be wondering: What games are out there that are fun and a good workout? We have a list of 5 excellent titles that fit that description perfectly.

1: Beat Saber

Beat Saber is an iconic title and one of the first widely popular games for the VR scene. In this fast-paced rhythm slasher, players wield two lightsabers they will use to slice through the beats of their favorite songs.

The difficulty and speed of this game are highly customizable, including various premade levels, expansion packs, and tons of mods so anybody can jump in and get their groove on.

2: Blade & Sorcery

The premiere high-spec sword-fighting VR simulation. Blade & Sorcery is an immersive physics sandbox with an incredibly vibrant modding community that lets players battle hordes of enemies and experience tense duels with weapons and magic from their favorite media.

The endless amount of player-created content available for this title lets players work up a sweat while fulfilling the long-held dream of truly immersive fantasy battles in VR.

3: The Climb

The Climb (and its sequel) brings the thrill of free-climbing mountains to your VR headset. In these titles, players can experience gorgeous views of sprawling landscapes as they make their way to the summit of the world’s greatest peaks and cliffs.

This is a title with a lot of reaching, grabbing, and jumping so it’s sure to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Players looking for a more relaxed experience can switch to casual mode, which doesn’t account for grip or stamina, or take on timed challenges to get a proper upper-body workout.

4: Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag is a popular but extremely simple game where players can return to their evolutionary roots. Gorilla Tag pits players against each other in a game of tag, but with the twist that everyone is a gorilla.

Swing from branches, leap between trees, and get your cardio in all while chasing or fleeing from other players. This is not only an excellent title for exercise, it’s also a fantastic choice to play with friends.

5: Dance Central

For DDR fans or those who want to show off their moves, Dance Central offers a unique and stylish experience. Dance off in a virtual club to a wide array of songs that will get you moving and grooving.

Each song has different difficulty levels and choreographed dances where players will be judged based on how well their moves follow the routine. Get those steps in and bust it down at the same time.

The Power to Move

There have been plenty of hit-or-miss moments with VR in the past, and it may never come to overshadow more standard gaming mediums. That said, the unique ability to combine movement and gaming in a virtual space is something that gamers with a VR headset should absolutely take advantage of.

No more excuses for putting off that workout to finish one more level, it’s time to move!

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