The UK’s Latte Levy – level 3

12-01-2018 07:00

The British members of parliament want a 25-pence ‘latte levy’ for disposable coffee cups to help with recycling, as the UK throws away 2.5 billion cups each year.

The members hope that the fee will be as successful as plastic bag charges to reduce waste.

One member of parliament said that the fee will encourage people to use reusable cups, and it will encourage coffee companies to work with their manufacturers to make recyclable cups. Common cardboard coffee cups have a layer of plastic to make them waterproof but not recyclable, is difficult to separate.

In Britain, one per cent of cups get recycled with just three recycling plants that are able to separate the plastic from the paper.

Difficult words: levy (a charge), fee (a charge), manufacturer (a business that makes products).

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