The US and the World – level 3

25-09-2019 15:00

American leaders have different opinions on how the US should participate in world affairs. President Barack Obama said that isolationism was not an option.

President Bush said that helping others showed the strength and generosity of the country. President Trump said that it was up to other people to decide their future.

However, a survey of the American public showed that 7 in 10 Americans think that the country needs to be more involved in world affairs. They think that America should work on world trade, help others, protect democracy and human rights, defend allies, and by doing so, keep the country safe.

The survey said that 3 of 10 Americans want America to be involved in the world but with certain activities. They want the country to help with trade and diplomacy instead of military support.

Difficult words: world affairs (events that happen across the world), isolationism (when a country does not work with other countries), ally (a partner in war).

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